Getting a RIPPED Six Pack on a Vegan Diet Part 1 – Interview with Frank Medrano

Frank MedranoI interviewed vegan super athlete, Frank Medrano, who sports the most insane six pack I’ve ever seen 24-7, 365 days a year. Frank Medrano’s story is how he was able to lower his body fat, increase his muscle mass, increase his endurance, strength, and recovery abilities by just switching to a vegan diet.

In part 1, I talk to Frank Medrano about exactly what he ate to get his rock hard abs.

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Enjoy the show!

Vegan Proteins – What? How Much? And Does It Work To Build Muscle?

Is it possible for a vegan to get enough protein to build a massive amount of muscle?

*Learn what protein sources and amounts I tried that led me to gain 7.25 pounds of muscle in only 28 days.

*Learn what did not work so you can avoid the same frustrating muscle building pitfalls I suffered from.

*Learn how much protein a vegan should consume to build muscle mass.

*Learn about food combining and if it will work to build muscle mass.

Thomas Tadlock, M.S.


Carbs to avoid for fat loss

I just put together a 6 minute clip where I cover
carbohydrates and how it relates to fat loss. I go
over what forms of carbs to avoid and why, plus
what forms of carbs to enjoy.

Learn what kinds of carbs will slow down your

fat loss, and which ones will enhance it.

The clip comes from my seminar Burn the Belly
Fat Feed the Muscle. Join me if you can. I’ll
be doing it live tomorrow at the Sprouts in
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