Collector’s Edition of Vegan Health & Fitness Magazine

Vegan Health & Fitness Magazine has come out with their special collector’s edition of their magazine. I get Brenda Carey, editor in chief of Vegan Health & Fitness Magazine, on the line to explain to me what’s in it and what makes it a “collector’s edition.”

What I discover is that it truly is a collector’s edition, because it features every member of the PlantBuilt team, their workouts, and entire nutrition plans.

Additionally, Brenda gives a sneak peak at some of the articles in the magazine, such as:
* Is creatine necessary to build muscle for Vegans?
* What amino acid profile is necessary to build muscle for vegans and what foods and protein powders have it right?
* How exactly is muscle built from a microscopic standpoint?
* How to create your very own protein bars, while saving a lot of money and getting better results
* How did the 28 Day Vegan Muscle Project go?

You can pick up a subscription or a copy of Vegan Health & Fitness Magazine here: