My Experience With Disgusting Vegan Fitness Farts

Have you ever come close to ruining a relationship with your flatulence?
Have you recently changed your vegan eating habits, and it’s causing you to produce nauseating odors?
Have you ever had so much fart gas in your colon, you couldn’t hold it in? Not even with company over?

This is exactly what happened to me shortly after I decided to try out Chad Byers’ massive vegetable and fruit smoothies. I drank 3 64oz pure produce smoothies a day, in addition to more food.

What was the problem? I had to ask my MD wife to find out and luckily, I found a solution (and it wasn’t eating more fermented foods).

In this episode I share some of my most embarrassing moments with you.

I hope my humbling experience benefits you.


Vegan Proteins – What? How Much? And Does It Work To Build Muscle?

Is it possible for a vegan to get enough protein to build a massive amount of muscle?

*Learn what protein sources and amounts I tried that led me to gain 7.25 pounds of muscle in only 28 days.

*Learn what did not work so you can avoid the same frustrating muscle building pitfalls I suffered from.

*Learn how much protein a vegan should consume to build muscle mass.

*Learn about food combining and if it will work to build muscle mass.

Thomas Tadlock, M.S.