Jehina Malik 3 of 3 | Vegan Diet Routine, 7-Time Vegan Champion Bodybuilder

Jehina Malik on Vegan Body RevolutionWant to learn how a vegan 7-time female bodybuilding champion eats and diets to achieve her award winning physique?

In this episode Jehina Malik runs through her entire diet routine, food by food, meal by meal.

Jehina Malik is the most phenomenal and significant vegan bodybuilder of all time. She has been vegan since birth. She has been an athlete her entire life. She then moved into bodybuilding and is now a 7-time bodybuilding champion and national qualifier. She has been featured in the film Master Muscles, Muscular Development magazine, and is a sponsored athlete by the Plantbuilt Team and Center Stage Posing suits.


Thomas Tadlock M.S.