4 Non-Diet and No-Cardio Tips To Shrink Your Waist

10dtt23Over 1 year ago, I received hundreds of emails from women frustrated with their mid-sections, asking if there is anyway to target stubborn belly fat.

My answer to them at the time was “you can’t spot reduce,” meaning when you lose fat, your genetics already pre-determines in what order you will lose fat on your body. BUT, eventually, it will have to come from your belly no matter what your genetics.

I thought the key was to maximize your fat loss until you get the body you want. But, fat loss will take time.

Well, it turned out that I was wrong… There are ways that don’t even involve exercise or restricting calories that directly shrink the waist.

Here are four of them:

1) Making the core muscles that live around the belly area stronger and tighter so they “pull-in” the gut, thereby shrinking the waistline. Greater tone can be achieved around the waist line in as little as 3-4 days with the right exercises!

2) Reducing inflammation so that subdermal swelling is reduced, thereby reducing the circumference of the waistline. This can happen in 48 hours with the right foods.

3) Cutting out bloating foods so that you have much less gas and water retained inside the intestines. This alone can shrink your waist by 1-2 inches in 2-3 days!

4) Reducing total intestinal food bulk by timing your eating and increasing digestion speed. This can be done easily with proper hydration, food timing, and adjusting your macronutrients just right. This can give you a tighter tummy in a week.

Try these tips out and see how quickly you can shrink with hardly any effort. But read on to see what I did with these tips…

So that is when I had a thought, “What if I combined these 4 tactics with the fat-loss specific cardio + resistance exercise, and a fat-loss specific diet? What would the results be?”

That’s when I conducted a 10 day experiment on over 65 participants, giving them a specialized tummy-tightening, waist shrinking meal plan, and fat-killing workout plan over 10 days.

The result after 10 days was this:

Average waist shrinkage: 2.2 inches
Average dress sizes lost: 1
Average pant sizes down: 1
Lowest waist shrinkage: 0.5 inches
Highest waist shrinkage: 4.0 inches
# Participants who saw no results: 1 out of 65

Do you want to shrink your waist too like my participants?

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Want to see how some of the participants did?
The website shows pictures of a lot of participants wearing the same pair of pants that were fitting them perfectly 10 days before the picture was taken. I asked them to show how far they can pull their waistline away from their bellies.

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The coupon code is “TIGHTTUMMY”
The website is http://www.VeganTummyTightener.com/