My Vegan Bodybuilding Journey (ON FILM)

MY PERSONAL VEGAN FITNESS JOURNEY (ON FILM). Before becoming vegan, I earned a reputation as being one of the fastest body transformation trainers in the US. I had degrees, certifications up the wazoo, a state-of-the-art fitness laboratory, and thousands of students and case studies.

Unfortunately, animal products were my primary weapons.

I gave it all up when I went vegan nearly 3 years ago. I couldn’t get any of the nutrition tricks that I used with animal products to work on a vegan diet. Sadly, I lost my fitness reputation, along with much of my muscle mass and strength, from not knowing how to achieve a dream body on a vegan diet. I became the fattest, weakest, and most depressed I could ever remember.

The daily, hourly, pain from the intense guilt I felt for all the years of eating meat and dairy, thinking about all the animals that suffered on my behalf, became overwhelming. I missed my old body, but I couldn’t go back to eating anything from another innocent animal again. I needed to figure out how to crack this vegan fitness code. I needed a way to not only get my old body back, but to also absolve myself from my feeling of guilt. I needed to find a way to get as many people off of meat as possible, so fewer animals could suffer needlessly. The thought of myself contributing to the end of animal consumption was the only idea that seemed to lessen my pain of guilt.

It took 9 months of relentless trial and error to get it right and pack back on some long-missed muscle mass. Then, over the past 2 years, and thanks to guys like Robert Cheeke, Derek Tresize, Chad Byers, Ifpa Pro William Tucker, Torre N Tamara Washington, and girls like MaryJo Cooke Elliott, Pam Kalstad, Yolanda Presswood, Christy Morgan, and Mindy Collette, I’ve finally put it all together and am out to create some record-breaking body transformations.

I’m doing a project showing how anyone can get buff, cut, and jacked fast as hell on a 100% vegan diet. I’ve filmed every workout and nutrition tip that I used and have been posting them every day publicly on youtube.

I love learning by modeling, and I know many others learn fast that way too. The full workout routines are in the descriptions of the videos as well as in the videos themselves. I hope you like them, I’m putting up a new one every day.

I would love to have your feedback in the comments in the videos so I can make them even better and easier to understand. My hope is that these videos are so easy to follow and understand that you can share these videos with anyone who’s trying to win the Vegan Body game, and they’ll start building muscle and cutting up within the first 6 days, and take it to unimaginable levels beyond.