Chad Byers 4 of 4 | How A Vegan Fit Model Champion Works Out

Learn how Chad Byers, Fit Model Champion, works out, exercise by exercise, set by set, rep by rep, and day by day to create one of the most incredible vegan physiques in the world.

Chad Byers was a former P.E. teacher who used to teach students how to be more healthy and fit.

He holds a bachelor’s degree in Exercise and Sports Science from Texas State University, as well as a minor in Health Sciences.

He also holds certifications in plant-based nutrition from Cornell University, as well as certifications in crossfit kettlebell.

He’s a member of the vegan bodybuilding team, PlantBuilt, and a sponsored athlete from Plant-Fusion.

What amazes me about Chad, is that he has an 8-pack all year round, and the largest guns I’ve seen on any vegan athlete. In this 4-part interview series, Chad shares why he went vegan, and how he eats and works out to maintain his insanely lean and ripped physique.

In this episode, you will learn WHY Chad went vegan.

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