Vegan Plantbuilt Team Dominates Bodybuilding Competition

In this episode, I interview the team captain, and cofounder of the vegan physique team known as Plantbuilt, Giacomo Marchese. With 5 first place wins in the bodybuilding and the bikini divisions, and nearly every team member placing, vegans have created a very strong impression in the fitness community.

Could this event possibly have proved that athletes who are trying to achieve the best natural physique would be at a disadvantage by going on a NON-vegan diet? We discuss this in the show.

Find out what the future of Plantbuilt looks like and how you can get involved.

Giacomo, good friends with Robert Cheeke, was one of the first raw vegan bodybuilding competitors and was featured in Robert Cheeke’s book, Vegan Bodybuilding and Fitness. He is also the co-founder of

The Plantbuilt team took home:
4 overall championships
5 first place wins
5 second place wins
5 third place wins
1 fourth place win

You can learn more about Giacomo and the Plantbuilt team, as well as find out how to become part of next year’s team by going to the website below: