Will You Fall Off the Wagon?

Average American's Holiday Season

Food, fun, festivities, decorations, family…It’s that time of year…that most people gain an average of 10 pounds of fat weight mostly around their belly and absolutely zero muscle! It doesn’t have to be that way. Do you really want to BLIMP OUT for New Year’s? Will YOU fall off the wagon?

Join us for a 4-week FREE group between Thanksgiving & New Year’s Eve. It will be a lot of fun getting more muscular while you enjoy all the yummy vegan food of the holiday season. Plus I heard there might be prizes too!

Normally my rate is $300/hr for my clients, but I am gifting you my guidance, expertise, and coaching for this Holiday Vegan Muscle Group. You only need to have the tools. That’s it.

Get all the details at http://veganbodyrevolution.com/?p=1023

Don’t kick yourself come Jan 1, when you’ve lost your muscle mass, you’re not feeling good in any of your favorite clothes, and you’re only fitting in sweat pants. Take action and do something about it NOW!

Here’s To Your Vegan Body Revolution,

Thomas Tadlock, MS